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  • Designing a Musical Change: TEDxRVVidyaniketan
  • Amazing Indian Banyan Tree
  • Live Performance on MBC 1 Network
  • Live TV Interview :)
  • LIVE studio session at Shaken Oak Studios


Daniels latest uploads
Making new friend on a Saturday night @ #leslocals
There might be some really BIG rats around right now, but the skies are clear up above :)
Brrrrrrr..... Time to pull out ther thermals here in NYC!!!
I just saw a elephant talking to a giraffe....
Today's treat.... #whitetantrameditation
"Be sure to put your feet in he right place... Then stand firm" - Brother Abe 😉
It's true!!! There really are Aligators living underground in New York!!!
"Moonlight shimmer"
Mmmmmmm silky!
Such a joy to meet up with such beautiful people in a such an iconic place 👍
New York, here I come :)
"All packed and ready for my flight to New York" If you need a back pack for your handpan, then speak to me :)
5 mics on a Waples 9 Terrapan...
A stellar new studio album, an amazing remix album & an awesome live album all set for release in November... plus I've now got a load of cascas (shakers) for sale... Sorry it's taken so long! But having performed in 9 counteries in only the past 2 months has had a bit of a knock on effect ;) Oooohhh... and let's not forget about my first solo album I'm recording right now!
"It's not unusual to fall during the moustache growing competition"
Mister Fox kindly looks after my instrument whilst hailing me a cab ;) & well done to everyone at the Youth Awards Ceremony today... Very inspiring stuff! :)
Big love and deepest respect to my 1 day hosts in Denmark... This time next week I'll be flying into New York... I'll be there for three months solid city time... let's see what comes out the other side ;)