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  • Designing a Musical Change: TEDxRVVidyaniketan
  • Amazing Indian Banyan Tree
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The reality of it is.......
11 hours after I arrive back to London and here I find myself, looking forward to meeting the members of Willis...
Hmmmmm...... I can't wait to get back to London and lug these through the Underground along with two backpacks.....
What do you do with your old ones when you replace them?
Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother :)
This is how you sink a bowl @terratonz
Today I became a Canyoneerer!
Another one of my missions here in the Azores has been accomplished... Here on the right is Jorge Valeria, he is now a proud owner of a TerraPan :)
I'm super excited to be back in the Azores... This coming Saturday I will be joining Holistika at their event, 'We're made of stars'...
"My optimism rests on my belief in the infinite possibilities of the individual to develop nonviolence.... in a gentle way you can shake the world." Mohandas K.' (PANdi) Gandhi
The cow in front in a Jersey..
Not every day that you sit opposite the president of the airline that your flying on....
Here i am just about to set off on a 12 hour drive in a rental and with only fm radio & the universe gifts me this gem (unscratched) !!! Score! This drive just got a lot better ;) xx
Special Edition Love Portal StarSeed Award Ceremony @ International Wackadoodle Love Awareness Day Celebration Extravaganza Finally. .. presented to Mathew Silver "The Great Performer" by CR PanMan of TerraTonz in sacred ceremonial underware - in Times Square --- ---B-Kawk! !!!
Sometimes you gotta just cover it in oil 'n acid and bake it in the sun..... #experimental
I feel so truly blessed to be able to take part in the creation of these beautiful instruments... Especially when I'm hands on helping to make a custom @terratonz for myself ;)
If you see these on sale near you, leave them there, do not attempt to eat them... They taste NASTY! ! !
Thankyou good people of Toronto for great energy :)