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  • Designing a Musical Change: TEDxRVVidyaniketan
  • Amazing Indian Banyan Tree
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Daniels latest uploads
Here i am just about to set off on a 12 hour drive in a rental and with only fm radio & the universe gifts me this gem (unscratched) !!! Score! This drive just got a lot better ;) xx
Special Edition Love Portal StarSeed Award Ceremony @ International Wackadoodle Love Awareness Day Celebration Extravaganza Finally. .. presented to Mathew Silver "The Great Performer" by CR PanMan of TerraTonz in sacred ceremonial underware - in Times Square --- ---B-Kawk! !!!
Sometimes you gotta just cover it in oil 'n acid and bake it in the sun..... #experimental
I feel so truly blessed to be able to take part in the creation of these beautiful instruments... Especially when I'm hands on helping to make a custom @terratonz for myself ;)
If you see these on sale near you, leave them there, do not attempt to eat them... They taste NASTY! ! !
Thankyou good people of Toronto for great energy :)
Dear people of the North America... I am truly sorry that I have not been able to post an itinary of my time here. You see, I am in the process of applying for a visa and in doing so i cannot run the risk of performing here during this time... I promise you, when awarded my visa, I will make a full on nationwide tour! But until then, I'm not able to book anything... I simply cannot run the risk... Thank you all for your support and patience... I am forever thankful :)
My original Hang has now arrived to its new owner! Here i am presenting David Feinhals with the original PANArt Hang now known as "Waples scale No#1" He arrived to a HandPan gathering in New Jersey unaware that he was chosen to receive the instrument. He is to start a new job this week where he will be bringing therapy to the blind... I will release an official write up in the newsletter that I am to send out very soon... Thank you everyone for supporting this whole process surrounding the give away and album launch... (Did I mention there will be a remix album released in these coming months? ;) Anyways.... Much love and respect to David, I look forward to hearing how his work is coming along with the Hang!
Creepy time....
Not sure which taste is weirder... The fact that we bought these matching shirts, or the banana flavoured Slurpie we are sharing....
The biggest inspiration of my life.... Dave and Joan - my grandparents xx
This weeks home is a boat in Georgia....
And so, it all becomes clear....
There is nothing quite like a 15 hour drive to start your trip in the Americas....
Know your handpans....
Goodbye Iceland - Hello America :)
Madame Mumi showing yet another great application for a HandPan....
The locals are very friendly here in Iceland, they helped me cross the road safely and didn't even try to eat me once.....